Check out our recent webinar series below. Watch the recordings using the links and required passcodes.

Doctors as Innovators special presentation: Reimagining the Future of Healthcare

Watch the webinar recording (passcode: TuftsMC23!) to learn how innovations in research, technology, medical devices, and services are leading to advancements in care delivery and patient recovery at Tufts Medical Center. Topics include advancements in robotic and A.I. techniques, the development of the first minimally invasive treatment of one of the most common neurological conditions worldwide, and steps Tufts MC clinicians are taking to address linguistic minorities (patients for whom English is not their first language) to better serve a diverse patient population.

Nephrology special presentation: Kidney Disease – Improving Patient Care through Research and Health Policy

Watch the webinar recording (passcode: TuftsMC22!) and hear from our award-winning nephrologists how our approach to research and the training of future nephrologists leads to improved patient-centered care and treatments for those affected by kidney disease.

Breast Health Center special presentation: New Therapeutic Approaches for Breast Cancer

Watch the webinar recording (passcode: TuftsMC22!) and hear from our Cancer Center experts about pioneering treatments and therapeutics, and how a closely integrated network of cancer care providers is ensuring that patients receive the care and expertise they need, and in the setting that best suits their lives.

CardioVascular Center special presentation: Advances in Structural Heart Disease

Watch the webinar recording (passcode: TuftsMC2022!) for a special presentation about advances in structural heart disease. Hear directly from our cardiovascular experts on the advancements they are making in clinical care and surgical procedures, as well as research to improve treatments and outcomes for patients with heart disease.

Tufts Medical Center special presentation: The Vision for Tufts Medicine

Watch the webinar recording (passcode: TuftsMC2022!) for a behind-the-scenes look into the evolution of Tufts Medicine (formerly Wellforce). Hear directly from system leaders about the vision and mission for Tufts Medicine and the critical role Tufts Medical Center will play as the system’s renowned academic medical center.

Cancer Center special presentation: Clinical Advancements in Blood Cancers

Watch the webinar recording (passcode: TuftsMC22!) for a special presentation on clinical advancements in hematologic malignancies and what is next for enhanced diagnosis and treatment of blood and plasma cell diseases. You will hear from our team of experts about the progress they are making through cutting-edge research and clinical trials to develop new therapies and improve outcomes for patients with hematologic diseases such as leukemia, Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, myeloma and AL amyloidosis.

Tufts Medical Center special presentation: Nursing Innovations to Improve the Patient Experience

Watch the webinar recording (passcode: TuftsMC2022!) for a special presentation about innovative solutions developed by Tufts MC nurses to improve patient outcomes. Learn how they are using nurse-driven research to develop new training tools and care options to offer our patients the best possible opportunity to live their healthiest lives.

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